Team Innovation: Africa 2015 presented by Fight Meso

Races Across America

Team Innovation: Africa presented by Fight Meso has come back together to raise awareness and donations for two great organization by racing our bicycles in the Race Across America, RAAM.

We'll be doing RAAM in an entirely new way, from our minimal crew, to our unique rider rotations. We want to show that RAAM is something that can be done competitively on a reasonable budget. Our team members have a history of doing great things in unique ways, and we're looking forward to embarking on our biggest challenge yet.

Last Year

Last year was a resounding success, as we raised over $250,000 for Innovation Africa and finished in 5 days, 12 hours, 47 minutes.

We'll put last year's experience to good use as we head into 2015.

The Race

Race Across America - RAAM - the world's toughest bike race


RAAM Route


RAAM Profile

Our Sponsors

The following groups are helping to make this happen:

innovation: agrica logo

Innovation: Africa - Title Sponsor

Innovation: Africa is a non-profit organization that brings solar and agricultural technologies to rural African villages.

Since their founding in 2008, they have completed 68 solar and agricultural projects in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Malawi and Uganda. Using solar technology, they provide schools and medical clinics with solar power to offer evening study, adult education, well-lit nighttime medical care and refrigeration for lifesaving medicines and vaccines. Their solar powered water pumps provide over 20,000 liters of clean water a day, and their drip irrigation systems provide a source of food and income for farmers and their families. Over 480,000 people have been impacted by their projects, and more than 300,000 children have received properly stored vaccinations for the first time stored in their solar powered refrigerators.

Watch a video from the field to get a better understanding of their amazing work.

Fight Meso

Fight Meso - Presenting Sponsor

This foundation was founded by our teammate Michael Johnson after his father, John H. Johnson, died from mesothelioma in 2012. Their goal as a foundation is to help take all the guessing and unanswered questions those diagnosed with the disease may have so they can focus on getting the correct treatment.

JL Velo Uncompromising Custom Cyclewear

JL Velo

We chose JL Velo for our clothing for many reasons:

  • Pure, unadulterated, race-inspired cycle wear
  • Designed for those who demand the most from themselves, from their team mates, and from the race equipment they choose
  • Handmade in California

Masi Bicycles

Masi Bicycles

Masi Bicycles, makers of the bikes that we race all year long, have supplied us with their latest Evoluzione outfitted with Ultegra Di2 to get us over all the mountains. The best part is that afterward, we'll be auctioning them off and all proceeds will benefit Innovation Africa and Fight Meso.

Masi Evoluzione Ultegra Di2

JL Velo Uncompromising Custom Cyclewear

Junk Jam Anti-Chafing Cream

Whether you hit the waves or run a marathon, Junk Jam is the answer.

Junk Jam is a special formula that reduces friction from skin rubbing on skin, and skin rubbing on clothing. Chafing may occur in numerous places of the body, and during a variety of different exercises. Junk Jam can be applied before, during, or after chafing occurs.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Send us an email and we'll gladly talk about how we can help you through logo placement, traditional media, and social media.

The Team


Our racers have been doing this cycling thing for quite a while and have been planning on doing RAAM for over 5 years. Along the way, they have twice set the course record for the Hoodoo 500, won the Furnace Creek 508 relay, and won the California Team Time Trial multiple times.

Kurt Broadhag

Kurt Broadhag

  • 44 years old from LA, CA
  • Father of 1
  • Category 2 Road Cyclist
  • Strengths: Big, long pulls
  • Multiple Gold Medals at Master's Track Nationals
  • Multiple California Team Time Trial Championships
Chris DeMarchi

Chris DeMarchi

  • 44 year old from Chino, CA
  • Married, father of 2
  • Category 1 Road Cyclist
  • Strengths: Breaking away
  • 7-time National Champion
Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

  • 46 years old from Mission Viejo, CA
  • Married, father of 2
  • Category 1 Road Cyclist
  • Strengths: Road Racing
  • National Champion on the road
Tony Restuccia

Tony Restuccia

  • 38 years old from Topanga, CA
  • Married, father of 1
  • Category 1 Road Cyclist
  • Strengths: Preparation
  • Multiple course records at Hoodoo 500 Relay
  • Member of winning team at Furnace Creek 508
  • Multiple California Team Time Trial Championships


The team wouldn't get anywhere without our amazing crew, comprised of some top-level athletes who could probably win RAAM by themselves, but are nice enough to lend a hand. Given the non-stop nature of the race, we had put together a crew that can handle just about anything, and do it with a smile.

Crew bios coming soon...


For more information on our team, charity, and fundraising efforts contact us at